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The Jerky Don is a fast and convenient way to make Jerky with ground meat. It creates a dense sheet of meat that is finished in an oven, smoker, dehydrator, BBQ, etc.

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Big Jake

Big Jake

The Jerky Don will change your life!


The Jerky Don was created like all inventions out of necessity. It was developed over the years to find ways to use venison in ways that people would enjoy. The inventor, an avid hunter, had an abundance of venison and was always seeking ways to use the game animals harvested. In addition, he wanted an efficient, quick method to fully use his smoker to make ground meat jerky.

Jerky has always been a top way to use venison. Many procedures were tried with sliced meat to make jerky. They were found to be messy, inconsistent, with an end product that was not always enjoyable to eat. Often the jerky would be tough or too dry, with some pieces under or overdone.

The Jerky Don or The Jerky by the Sheet Process was born to create sheets of jerky that could be placed onto 15” by 12”racks of a full size or large smoker. Therefore, allowing for the full or maximum use of the smoker. Ten pounds of jerky could be made at one time, by using all five racks of the smoker.

By using ground meat the spices and seasonings are thoroughly mixed into the meat to produce a uniformly seasoned and tender product. The ground meat is compressed into the reservoir of the Jerky Don with a rolling pin to create a dense one fourth (1/4) inch sheet of meat. (See the enclosed instructions) It is then moved to a rack in a smoker, oven, dehydrator, barbeque, etc. The result is a uniform slab or sheet of meat. Once the sheet had been smoked it can be sliced into uniform strips of jerky.

The Jerky Don is available in two sizes. The large Jerky Don or “Big Jake” will hold approximately 2 lbs of ground meat and is designed for those doing large batches of ground meat jerky, (over five pounds) that have a large smoker. It will provide a 14 1/2 by 12 inch sheet of meat. The little Jerky Don or “Little Winnie” holds approximately one pound of ground meat and produces 9 1⁄2 by 9 1⁄2 inch sheets of meat. It is for those with a small smoker, who process smaller batches of jerky of one to five pounds.

Hopefully, you will find that the Jerky Don is a convenient way to quickly make high quality ground meat jerky with minimal effort and cleanup.



The Jerky Don is covered with a sheet of aluminum foil; the seasoned ground meat is spread on the foil; then it is covered with a piece of butcher paper and compressed with a rolling pin. The sheet of meat is then lifted from the Jerky Don on the aluminum foil and placed into an oven, smoker, dehydrator, BBQ, etc. Minimal cleanup is required.

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